What is ASHRR?

A Forum of Senior Practitioners Examining Emerging HR Issues in Australia and Overseas

In March 2000 the inaugural meeting of a new group – the Australian Senior Human Resources Roundtable took place at the University of Sydney. ASHRR, at present, comprises senior HR managers from 51 of Australia’s leading private and public sector organisations.

Background Information

Senior human resource practitioners rarely have the time to reflect on the bigger issues shaping work and management today. Equally researchers rarely have on going access to many of Australia's more thoughtful senior HR practitioners. The Australian Senior Human Resources Roundtable (ASHRR) was formed to address these issues. Its primary aim is to facilitate more effective dialogue between senior HR practitioners and researchers.

ASHRR is not a new representative body for the HR community. Neither is it another research consultancy. Rather, it is a forum where practice meets reflection. It is predominantly a forum of practitioners especially designed to enable practitioners and researchers to jointly identify emerging trends in work and organisational performance and determining the best options for responding to these.

2005 Annual Conference
Presentations from the conference can be found at ASHRR Member's Section